WordPress & GIT: What\’s your workflow?

How do you handle keeping your bepsoke WordPress sites in GIT? Here\’s a few methods I\’ve come across;

  • Just shove everything (WP core, themes, plugins etc) into a single repo (obviously not good…)
  • Keeping everything in a single repo, but using submodule for WP core
  • Just keep the theme in a repo (maybe with a README with a list of required plugins)
  • Using a workflow like Bedrock

Ultimately I want to standardise how we handle this at work. We\’ve got around 40 WordPress sites in repos using varying methods.

All of our sites are built on bespoke themes – with some requiring plugins too (some custom, some 3rd party). We keep server side updates enabled (including auto-updates for core), so need to factor this into our workflow too. Whatever I come up with also needs to be quick and easy to get code checked out and running on a locally for development – and have a simple, smooth deployment method as well.

I love the Bedrock workflow (and use this for a personal project), but this is never going to work for us – some clients have access to install plugins (against my wishes, but hey), not all our hosting environments support us using GIT & Composer etc etc.

So yes, as per the title, what\’s you workflow with WordPress & GIT?

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