Today I met a 6’7" guy

I live in Latin America so as you can imagine it’s not that common to find tall people here since most latinos are short. I’m about 6’5″ and it’s very rare to find people taller than me but today it happened, I met a 6’7″ guy. We were in the same room just minding our business (Also occasionally trying to see who’s taller) and the other people around started to notice how tall we were and they started to compare our heights and they said “yes, this guy is taller than the other one” and that’s when I knew they were talking about us so I said “yes that dude has to be taller than me” (I’d already analyzed the situation and I’d already realized I had lost the competition), then I asked him how tall he was and he said 6’7″ (as I’d already thought).

I know it’s nothing out of this world but as a latino myself (living in a latino country) I rarely experience this kind of situation. It’s always gratifying to come across taller dudes despite losing the battle lol.

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