Data Usage Caps Will Kill The Streaming Services

I cut the Cord in December,2016. I have tried DirecTVNow, PlayStationVue and HuluLive. I have used two different ISP Providers,Uverse and Comcast during this time.

No matter what streaming service and ISP provider combination the streaming Service is consuming on average 40-50 gb per day. At that rate, it will continue to be at or above the 1 TB monthly data cap. Obviously, the streaming services aren’t the only thing consuming data. At this point, if it is going to cost more money at the end of the month because of extra Data fees or you have stop watching TV on the 25th of the month….what is the point?

What really frustrates me is there is no independent way to meter the usage. We bought a NetGear C700 modem/router and it does not offer traffic metering. At this point, I am considering going back. I am not so sure…..this is exactly what they want to happen.

To help with context….There are only two adults (age 53) in the home. No gaming, no file sharing. We are watching between 6-8 hours of streaming service daily.

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