A positive one for a change

I’ll try to keep this short but no promises.

I work for a mid-sized retailer that sells clothes and quirky little gifts, but there’s some soppy background stuff you should know before I get to the story. I was raised by my grandparents, my granddad died a few years ago. I’m over that. Last November my Nan died, and that’s a wound yet to heal which has had some major complications due to the actions of immediate family.

Sob story over, I’ll continue with the tale. I was doing my standard rounds at work, helping and serving customers. It was lunch rush, so more serving at the till than helping. I noticed an older lady on crutches had been in the store for nearly 45 minutes, so I took the first opportunity to help her out if I could. Turns out she only came in because the hot weather recently gave her a small asthma attack. Fortunately she took her inhalers and was fine.

I helped her try to choose an outfit and she was constantly thanking me for my help and telling me what a nice young man I am, even praising me to my manager. She decided on a dress but didn’t have the money at that point. As I do with all customers, I offered to put it on reserve until she could next come in. What she said next hit home, hard.

“That would be so kind of you, thank you. I want you to make sure that if another customer comes in asking for this dress, and that’s the last one in this size, you should give it to them. I’m sure we can find something else together next time I’m here if that happens.”

She was such a kind lady, and behaved exactly like my Nan. Even had some of the same health problems. Being the grown ass man I am, I went into the break room and had a little cry after this interaction. People like this lady are the reason I can deal with difficult customers. I guess we just don’t make them like we used to.

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