Windows 95 is not a "Modern Operating System"

I work for the Computer Science department of a small college. Recently, I had this exchange with a long-tenured professor.

“I tried logging in to the server to look at my mail but it isn’t working.” (He still uses the command line mail utility on our Unix server because the web GUI is ‘f**king horrible’)

Turns out he was using a piece of software so old it was a miracle it was still working with our servers at all. I tell him to install some new software.

“It says ‘this software is incompatible with your current operating system'” he starts, then rants about “new programs not being compatible with modern operating systems”.

I’m confused because this guy literally just received a brand new PC as part of our upgrade cycle. I go over to his office to see if there was an issue when the OS was copied onto it.

Nope. Not even using it. Instead he has his old PC from the 90s and is using the new PC as a coffee table.

I had to explain to him that Windows 95 is not modern and that he should be using our standardized PCs. He says he is. It’s a PC that was given to him before the building we’re in was even finished.

The systems administrator had to step in when he realized there was a Windows 95 machine on an internal, supposedly secure network. Fireworks ensued, and there are now campus-wide rules banning older operating systems.

This professor teaches programming in Java, C, and C++.

TL;DR; our professor was using Windows 95 and complaining that none of our modern software was working with his “modern operating system”, which then caused new security measures and rules to be put in place.

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