The Future of Meet That Hero?

The Meet That Hero series has been one of the marketing highlights of Year 2. However, I don’t know if I can see them continuing it for the rest of Year 2. The whole mess of how the last few packs are going to be released aside, Wave 8 really seemed like the last big marketing push for LD, considering it’s the last(?) level pack and what unfortunately is right now the last named wave we were made aware of prior to the release of the last wave.

If the cancellation rumours are true and the next wave(s) are going to be silently released out of necessity with limited marketing it seems expensive and unnecessary for WB to get Paganomation to continue the series. That being said, we know that the PPG and Betelgeuse minifigures have been around for a few months now, and I can kind of imagine Blossom, Bubble and Buttercup each saying “Beetlejuice” and exploring the netherworld.

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