I think Aziz Ansari should continue Master of None as a director/producer/writer, but just kind of license the show out to other comedians and show their perspective on life as the show did his.

It would be a good way to keep the show going even though he’s done for now and he can always come back to it. I think John Mulaney would be an excellent choice to get the show’s treatment.

Edit: A lot of people seem to be misunderstanding what I mean. The show has a certain style and formula that I think would translate well into telling other people’s perspectives. I’m just saying the format of the show could be used for a different type of person each season or something. I’m not trying to take anything away from Aziz’s perspective. Just saying that the way the show is shot and setup could be a cool platform for other people since Aziz said he was done until he has more life experiences. Essentially I am saying the same people that make Master of None should use the format to tell other people’s stories. Yeah they could make their own show but I just thought it would be cool to evolve Master of None into a format for other comedians to tell their stories since Aziz is done for the foreseeable future.

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