Level Packs – Worst to Best

Now that we have all the Level Packs for Years 1 and 2, I thought I’d rate them in order from worst to best.

  • 10. The Simpsons: I’m personally not a huge fan of the Simpsons, and I think the episode they adapted for the level was not a particularly good choice; I think it might’ve been a better idea to base the level on the ’07 movie to make it longer. In terms of abilities, between Homer, his car, and the Taunt-o-vision, you don’t get much. Adventure world wasn’t much either.
  • 9/8 (tied). Back To The Future/Ghostbusters – Tied because, although I’ve never seen BTTF, I still enjoy both franchises and how they were represented in the game. BTTF has a so-so character, so-so level, but a great Adventure world, while GB has a great character, a great level, and a so-so Adventure world.
  • 7. Sonic The Hedgehog – Not a massive Sonic fan, but I still thought the level was fun. However, once you get to the Adventure world, things go downhill fast. Sonic controls very poorly due to the way the camera is set up, which makes the races almost impossible.
  • 6. Mission: Impossible – Great, lengthy and fun level, great character with loads of abilities, and the adventure world was top-notch with a nice selection of missions. Only drawback was the vehicles, which need to be upgraded to be of any use.
  • 5. Midway Arcade – Cool, original character with a decent amount of abilities, cool vehicle, love the arcade machine in terms of both gameplay and physical build. Great level, and One of my favourite adventure worlds in the series due to how unique it is.
  • 4. Adventure Time: Having only watched parts of a few episodes, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Was stunned at how many abilities Finn gets, and while the vehicles aren’t much, I like that the level covers two different episodes (which is what The Simpsons SHOULD have done!) Adventure world was fun also.
  • 3. The Goonies – Actually saw the movie a few days before picking up the pack, and enjoyed the level much more than I would have if I hadn’t. Did encounter a couple of glitches with this one, but managed to get past them. Really happy that you can play as all the other Goonies, and that they all have different combinations of abilities. Getting a tiny Inferno was cool, and the skeleton organ was a great puzzle-solver. Really enjoyed the Adventure world; it actually took a good half-hour of running around the Goon Docks before I found the underground caves!
  • 2. Portal – Great level, really felt like I was playing a Portal game. The builds were great, and having Ellen McLain, Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons back to voice their characters was just icing on the cake.
  • 1. Doctor Who – Who else? As a devout Whovian, this was the first Level pack I purchased; I actually bought along with the Starter Pack, so going into the game for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. The attention to detail, all the little references and cameos, I truly felt like I was playing separate game altogether (which of course has me wishing for an official Lego Doctor Who game!). Playing as all the other Doctors and getting to unlock their TARDIS interiors was fantastic (Insert Ninth Doctor inflection here). Adventure world was a marvelous hodgepodge of some of the greatest locations in DW, and was a pure treat to explore. Flying around in the TARDIS with K-9, a Cyberman and Dalek at my side was unbelievably fun.

Seriously, Tt. Stand-alone Lego Doctor Who game. Get on that.

How would you guys rank the Level packs?

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