IndieGameStand is under maintenance (or nice way of saying dead?)…

For the past week, has not been accessible at all as can be seen as previous state: and current: where trying with any browser raises an unsecure error for a site that forcefully uses HTTPS.

Their and says “under maintenance” and hopefully it is true but there were rumors IGS was not doing well lately as a company so this maintenance can also mean they are one step closer to closure because there are ways to avoid (not minimize) such downtimes and it is not small site to wait such (or is it?).

IGS is(was) a small indie site that offers weekly deals and subscription, as well as DRM Free versions of Steam games with other goodies. Good thing I happened to activate all my keys there but DRM-Free downloads are gone. And bad news for those who haven’t done so far. So you can still tweet or FB them about news or your accounts while they are still replying.

If anyone knows any other information regarding the matter, please post possibly with citation to confirm. Or join me with conspiracy theories if IGS would be next key seller site that is about to gone.

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