Hidden Gems for the Backwards Compatibility Sale?

Thanks to Games with Gold and some poor spending habits, I already have a good chunk of backwards compatibility titles launched over the last year. (Red Dead, Black Ops, Darksiders, etc)

However, there’s still a bunch of obscure (or less than well known) titles in the sale. Wanted to start a thread to discuss any ‘must haves’ people might be missing.

I’ll start with Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Its styled as a JRPG game, but is comprised of turn based combat based on ranks of units. Its incredibly deep tactically, with themed units forming walls/barriers and attack ranks.

Originally a Nintendo DS game, they revamped it for HD and launched it on Steam / PSN / Xbox Arcade about 5 years ago. I’ve probably played this game for 50+ hours when it launched, and re-bought it as its about $3 now. Brilliant game, likely under everyone’s radar.

Anything similar in this sale people should be considering?

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