That Information is Private!

This woman was angry from the moment I told her we did not have a full playground set in store. Like, one of the really nice, built in clubhouse, two swing, attached monkey bars type.

Her: I know you sell them! Don\’t you lie to me!

Me: Yes ma\’am, but they are only special order.

Her: I\’ve seen them here before. You just don\’t want to help me! Get me a manager.

Release the manager! Tonight\’s model is the one who has, at any given point, maybe two grams of a fuck to give. She rants at him for a bit and he finally convinces her we aren\’t lying, and that delivery will be quick and painless- unlike this conversation.

Manager: Alright I\’ll just need a phone number-

Her: No.

We kind of exchange a look. She has her arms crossed and is glaring at both of us.

Manager: Um, okay….We\’ll come back to that, what is your first and last name.

Her: Margaret. But you call me ma\’am. I\’m not giving you my last name, you don\’t need to know that.

Manager: Coming back to that one too. big sigh Can I have an address?

Her: No! What is it with you people!

Manager: Okay, well if I don\’t have any information for you, I can\’t make this order.

Her: That information is private! I don\’t know why you need it! Just tell me when it will be here and I\’ll come pick it up.

Manager: Ma\’am. Our system sends out an automatic notification call. On top of that, the delivery date we give you is an estimate.

Her: Oh so you\’re lying to me! I\’ll get it when you feel like it? You\’re going to lose a lot of business this way. I\’m going to (Competitor) where they know how to treat people!

Can I just say, what the actual fuck? How does she handle day to day life like this? I\’m not saying give your name and number out to everyone, but how did she expect us to communicate with her on this order, smoke signals?

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