We are Aunty Donna the comedy group from Australia, ask us anything!

For the next hour we will answer anything. Our YouTube channel got it’s start from Reddit (thanks bebs) we also do podcasts, TV and live shows. Our first North American tour is beginning May 31st and running through June 20th.

Tickets are available here: www.auntydonna.com/shows/

Proof lol: www.facebook.com/TheAuntyDonna/photos/a.310338312356790.71620.309604349096853/1436800119710598/?type=3&theater

Much love, Mark, Zach, Broden, Tom and Sam (Max isn’t in Perth with us the dog)

Update 1: Thanks so much this was a real blast. We’re gonna stop answering questions actively now and go have some breakfast. We might check in through out the next few days so keep asking/ upvoting questions.

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