LPT: If your flight is overbooked DO NOT accept a free travel voucher as your compensation

Earlier this year my flight from Chicago to Denver was overbooked and at the check in booth the desk attendant had asked if it would be possible for me to volunteer to take a later flight. In return I would be compensated with one free round trip travel to anywhere that the airline (Spirit) flies. I took this offer figuring that a free round trip ticket to Jamaica would be a pretty sweet deal for my upcoming honeymoon. The deal however is not as great it seems. While it is true that you can fly anywhere round trip with this voucher, you cannot fly on dates of “peak travel periods” which is explained in the fine print of your voucher and not by the person offering it to you. When I called to redeem the voucher they gave me options where the departing and returning flights were up to 4 weeks apart or just not at all near the dates I requested. Because of this, the voucher useless for myself and likely just about anyone else with a strict work schedule.

If you are overbooked you are entitled to cash, do not accept any other offer.

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