The creator of /r/TheRedPill is revealed to be a Republican Lawmaker. Much drama follows.

Howdy folks, so I’m not the one to find this originally, but hopefully this post will be complete enough to avoid removal for surplus drama by the mods. Let’s jump right into it.

EDIT: While their threads are now removed, I’d like to send a shoutout to /u/illuminatedcandle and /u/bumblebeatrice for posting about this before I got my thread together.

The creator of /r/TheRedPill was revealed to be a Republican Lawmaker from New Hampshire. /r/TheRedPill is a very divisive subreddit, some calling it misogynistic, others insisting it’s not. I’m not going to editorialize on that, since you’re here for drama.

Note: Full threads that aren’t bolded are probably pretty drama-sparse.

More to come! Please let me know if you have more to add.

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